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12 June, 2018

6 Hours Adventure in Kaohsiung Taiwan

My Cousin PG Chew and me both of us have not met for 22 years since she migrated to USA. Our younger days we had fun together when our grandfather was still around.

This time she came to Taiwan with her partner who was having a conference in Taipei so she took this opportunity to visit us in Southern part of Taiwan Kaohsiung. She had only 6 hours and we try our best to let her view the beauty of Kaohsiung and she enjoyed....... except for the June weather. LOL

06 June, 2018

I am Hainanese 我是海南人 We are Suukee Nang

I am Hainanese, my grandmother is Peranakan (Hokkien and Malay mix). Both this culture has a deep root in food perfection. This is just a MTV I really enjoyed, the originator was Namewee 黃明志 - Suukee Nang (Neighbors).

BTW I am the 30 generation of Suukee Nang.

07 December, 2017

Singapore Guide

Singapore is a small little island but it is a great jump start to many countries with budget airline. 

Many people felt the island is expensive, I would say yes and no. It all depends on how much you know about this island. Cigarette and Alcohol is on the expensive side so are all the night spots drink house. There is a curfew on non drinking area, the authorities have set a deadline 10pm.