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22 January, 2019

Healthy Instant Noodle Vietnamese Pho

Hello Everyone,

This is my attempt to make a healthy instant noodles but that is not the main reason. Having lived in South East Asia, we always have our noodles seasoning premixed in a bowl just like Dry Wanton Mee or Bak Chor Mee. It really gives the noodles a great flavour.

However in Taiwan that is not the case most of the time, they would throw the noodles in a bowl and add their all time braised minced pork over it. 9 out of 10 noodles I had in Taiwan all just tasted the same. 

I love Bak Chor Mee in Singapore, actually almost every noodles in South East Asia. There is only a handful of noodles stalls in Taiwan I really enjoy.

So this is my version as you can watch the video below. The only one seasoning I did not mentioned was fish sauce but you can add later because the Oyster Sauce already have a saltiness to it.

So far I love it and will be making more. The only difficult is making the broth but that you can use a rice cooker to prepare it. It took me 4 hour over the low heat flame.

Hope you enjoy and comment if any

19 May, 2018

Turmeric Fried Fish 薑黃煎魚

This is a very healthy fried fish, easy to prepare and cook. Normally this method of cooking can be found in South East Asia.

26 October, 2016

Prima Taste Singapore Laksa

This dish you can only find it in Singapore, now you can find in Taiwan big Supermarket and some other countries too. Many local friend love the taste of it even my partner bought it for us. Most camping trip we will have this as hotpot.