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07 June, 2018

Ah Heng Chicken Curry Bee Hoon 亚王咖喱鸡米粉面 Singapore Michelin Street Food Guide

This was the first time I tasted this street food Stall, I was really tasty and nothing like any curry noodles. It was simply the best. Ingredient was simply, curry deep fried tofu, chicken and noodles plus chili sauce.

They were feature in Michelin Food Guide. 

18 May, 2018

40 years Old Singapore Ser Seng Turtle Soup 生成山瑞補品

This is a dish not many will enjoy and felt that turtle are endangered spices. There are not many such dish in Singapore. In this restaurant, the owner have confirmed that these are farm breed soft shell turtle. 

This dish is very unquie and in does not come cheap, the soup is really excellent. I have frequent almost once a month when I was in Singapore. My kids and mother loves this place since I introduced to them. 

Hope you enjoy the video  

23 March, 2018

Singapore Best Tiong Shian Porridge Centre 長城粥品

Variety of Cantonese porridge. The clay pot frog is good and sauce is not salty. 
A must try meal, go for the mix porridge.

12 March, 2018

Singapore Old School Nam Seng Noodle House Wanton Mee

Since 1957 on Queen Street, this wanton mee has gone along way. Mdm Leong close to 90 yrs old still run the place in Far East Sq, she is friendly and lovely. This Wanton mee brings back memories back in the 70s. New Gen might not like it but for us it is really authentic .

11 January, 2018

Singapore Javanese Ayam Penyet President Fried Chicken 爪哇炸雞

Javanese Ayam Penyet aka Javanese Fried Chicken was introduced to Singapore only the last few decades. 
The Chicken is fried to an exotic spiced taste. This dish was recently introduced into Singapore slightly more than 2 decades. The fried chicken is smashed with pestle to soften the meat. The specialty is the sambal and the special marinated chicken. I simply love it and I think it goes well with Nasi Lemak aka coconut rice. 
But which and where is the best inSungapore??  Let us know.....

Singapore 328 Katong Laksa Gordon Ramsay

Had many Laksa in my life, 328 was one of them which had long time ago in Katong. 
I used to love Sungie Road Laksa but it seems the old couple are gone and the new gen wasn't doing good enough. 
328 Katong Laksa maybe the answer ...
Laksa is a dish with very unique taste, close to curry buy not. This is a flavor even Gorden Ramsay wants to challenge. You have to taste it. I was born with this dish.

06 January, 2018

Singapore Lord of Durian Musang 猫山王榴莲

Watch 3 person trying to finish 7 Durians.
If you never like durian, then you will have to try this Musang Durain. The texture and taste are unlike any durian and you will instantly love it. 
I heard there is another durian called Royal Durain is up to the challenge. What ever it is, Musang Durian is my favourite.
I never buy Durian in Tiawan...I know what is best!!

26 December, 2017

Singapore Handlebar Best Biker Bar

Handle is one of my favorite pub, they have move 3 places and finally came back to their original place. My son says their food is good and I have to agree. One of the most interesting thing is their layout, it a pub I have not seen anywhere in Singapore. Jan is the lady boss but we are more to friends. I will recommend this place to anyone who wants great food and an atmosphere.  

23 December, 2017

Since 1959 Singapore Armeninan Street Best Fried Kway Teow 炒粿条

Char Kwey Teow is a very popular dish from Singapore to Thailand but each country has their own version. This stall is Singapore old school, I miss this version of Char Kway Teow, so far there is not one stall make me excited till this Armeninan Street Char Kway Teow. Simply delicious. 

17 December, 2017

Singapore Albert Food Centre Bedok Chwee Kueh 勿洛水粿

A Teochew dish, this used to be a breakfast meal, decades ago Bedok Chwee Kueh which are steam rice cake decided to franchise and now you have find in most hawker centre.  One of the cheapest meal.

16 December, 2017

Singapore Albert Food Center Chuan Seng Kway Chap Cooked Food 铨诚粿汁熟

Kway Chap is a Teowchew braised dish that served with either rice or flat rice noodles. Mostly open from morning to early afternoon. Yes, it's either a breakfast or lunch meal. You can find this dish both in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Die Die Must Try!!!

Discover Singapore Bugis Street and Albert Food Centre Tour

This is a tour around Bugis Street and Albert Food Centre. This area you can find cheap stuff and really cheap street Food. Plenty of food stalls have originated from this area. 

14 December, 2017

Singapore Wing Seong Fatty's Restaurant

A long history Cantonese zi char (stir fry) restaurant set in an old school interior, that was rated one of the top 5 Zi Char Restaurants in Singapore by CNN. Very popular with Tourist and Expats

12 December, 2017

Singapore 126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi 126 搵到食點心

This video is dedicated to "Old Dim Sum Gang"

Dim Sum was my life...This video had my grandparents pic taking us almost every weekend for Dim Sum in Neptune. Yes, cousins you can see yourself. 
This place is located in Geyland District. It was my daughter treat and it was one hell of a treat. I had Dim Sum since young, since then tasted in Hong Kong, Taiwan  etc... This was the best I ever had.

Singapore World No.1 Tai Wah Pork Noodle Bak Chor Mee 肉脞面

No.1 noodle? I first tasted this noodles in the 90s. at Hill Street, later the moved to Marina Square but the taste was different. This time was different, it almost back to the original taste.

Singapore Cheng Mun Chee Pig Organ Soup 正正文志记猪什汤

If you love Bak Kut Teh, this will be your second best choice. Opens till late. 
This is one stall I will frequent just after lunch crowd. At time me and my friend will come here for supper. Simply excellent!!

11 December, 2017

Since 1950s Singapore Golden Mile Tien Kee Steamboat Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant 海南雞飯

I am Hainanese, I know what is a good Hainanese Chicken Rice, there are only a hand full of stalls in Singapore I feel is authentic. This is one stall since my grandfather took me here and I am still back again after his passing.

07 December, 2017

Singapore Guide

Singapore is a small little island but it is a great jump start to many countries with budget airline. 

Many people felt the island is expensive, I would say yes and no. It all depends on how much you know about this island. Cigarette and Alcohol is on the expensive side so are all the night spots drink house. There is a curfew on non drinking area, the authorities have set a deadline 10pm.