07 December, 2017

Singapore Guide

Singapore is a small little island but it is a great jump start to many countries with budget airline. 

Many people felt the island is expensive, I would say yes and no. It all depends on how much you know about this island. Cigarette and Alcohol is on the expensive side so are all the night spots drink house. There is a curfew on non drinking area, the authorities have set a deadline 10pm.  

First Thing To Do
When you first arrived, is to get a SIM card and EZ link card for MRT and Bus.
Internet. You can get local Sim card but I will recommend to use StarHub Prepaid Card. The setup can be a little complicated but you can ask the shop keeper to setup for you. Best you get it from the Airport. 

It is funny many first world countries are very difficult to get free WiFi but you still can get free WiFi in some places in Singapore. 

Libraries is a good place to get free WiFi and there are many books for your next travel destination. One of my favorite stop is at my friends outdoor shop Campers' Corner, you can more info on the link. 

Traveling Around the Island
The best way to travel around Singapore is by a folding bike, bus and MRT. My trip back in Singapore was done in this manner. I did in one day 100km around Singapore. My current trip I did not bring the folding bike, most of the time I traveled on buses. Google Map is your best guide. 
On MRT Ride

If you already have a folding bike that will be ideal but if you do not have one. Visit this website togoparts, it's is a market place where you can find second bikes. I bought a 2nd hand 3 months old Dahon 7 speed for SGD350. If you plan this way I would suggest a few things to bring along the trip.

Folding bike universal bike rack 
Bike tools and repair kit
Air pump
Rear lamp
Bike Bag for air travel

Places to Eat
I would strongly recommend that you do not visit any restaurants. There are many food courts around Singapore. I will avoid any air-con places even shopping mall food court. One place to jump start your food adventure is from a well know food blogger ieatishootipost. You will find that food in Singapore is pretty affordable. 
You can also see my YouTube Food Adventure.

Places to Visit
Singapore Zoo
Jurong Bird Park 
Sim Lim Square (IT building)
Arab Street
Little India
Sentosa (not recommended, very expensive)
Marina by the Bay

My recent trip back to Singapore

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