30 December, 2016

Taiwan Uber

photo belong to Yahoo

I am not a fan of Uber, actually I have taken a few times this years. My experience was speechless. 

I seen young drivers who try to make some $$$ and they were very kind and helpful. 

Taiwan have left little chance for this young generation to make $$$, this is just another opportunity for them. Yellow cab drivers are not that bad but compare to Uber drivers, it is still far from it.

In Singapore they have Grab and Uber, as I know they do no see a problem there. Singapore has more Taxi compare to Taipei and Kaohsiung combine. What is wrong with people driving to pick up others, this is happening everywhere in the world. In Thailand there are bike taxi, in Indonesia they have Tutu, elsewhere do your homework.

So what is wrong with modern world driving Uber? Is this about authorities can't find away to tax drivers, instead fining them??? Come on they do not get paid instantly, this is something like cooperate 7-11 using the online purchase benefit, washing money...... Who is the one should be in watch. Which authority is in the pocket of 7-11, may I ask??

I honestly feel the local authorities are so blind. They listen to any complain but never understand how this nation has become. The young is getting jobless and you are trying to restrict them, this nation in next 10 years might be doomed all because of your current benefit that someone is getting.

If the young have no opportunity now, their further is for you to see, so is you retirement plan. 

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