10 September, 2018

Texas Church's Fried Chicken 德州小騎士炸雞高雄

It has been 40 years I have not tasted this fried chicken. Finally someone told us about it's existence in Kaohsiung. OMG it brings back memories, my old man used to be a maintenance manger for the whole Singapore and Malaysia A&W and Texas Church's Fried Chicken and I always get a free treat whenever I followed him to work.

When KFC first open it's branch in Singapore, I could eat up to a dozen fried chicken. Later Texas Church's Fried Chicken opens a branch in Singapore, that was the best fried chicken I ever tasted. When the management company for both A&W and Texas Church's Fried Chicken failed, all the both branches outlet closed as well. 

I started part time working in A&W since 8 to 13 years old so I know what is a good fried chicken. 

Back to Taiwan, I do not understand why KFC took the Original Fried Chicken out of the menu. We used to asked for fresh fried chicken and waited 30 to 45 mins for it. The tasted was never consistence, sometimes it too salty. So is MacDonald's Fried Chicken as well.

Texas Church's Fried Chicken however is still the same as I had 40 years ago, juicy and crunchy, not too much flour on it. The taste was not salty at all. Local here like to have salt and pepper with their fried chicken but not me, it already tasted good on it own, even the chicken is cool it still tasted good. 

Unlike KFC, Texas Church's Fried Chicken bag each chicken one at a time unlike KFC all their chicken are placed in a bucket which cause the chicken to be soggy. Texas Church's Fried Chicken is cook when order and the waiting time is around 13 to 15 mins which makes it hot and juicy. 

From now on this will be our only fried chicken when we are craving for it.  There is currently 3 branches in Kaohsiung, on the Google link below you will see 2 branches. The third new shop is between LiuHe 2nd Road and ZhongShan Road.

BTW they do served BEER!! They closed at 9pm.


04 July, 2018

Best Kaohsiung Food Review 福軒花蓮扁食Wonton Fú xuān huālián biǎnshi

福軒花蓮扁食 Fú xuān huālián biǎnshi

I have tried many Wonton in Kaohsiung, from Cantonese to the locals, somehow I chance to this stall which is from Hualien , Taiwan. The skin of the Wonton is silky and the overall texture is just like Hong Kong Style Wonton. 

The meat is pack with flavour and love the silky skin of the flour wonton.

Overall this is my favorite Wonton Street Food Stall in Taiwan.

14 June, 2018

Taiwan Street Food Cheap Seafood Dinner Kaohsiung Keziliao Harbor Fish Market 蚵仔寮港觀光魚市

Keziliao Harbor Fish Market 蚵仔寮港觀光魚市
This is one the nearest Seafood Market in Kaohsiung, the food is cheap and you can go to one the stalls and cook your fresh seafood.
This is one of our favorite place for seafood.

12 June, 2018

6 Hours Adventure in Kaohsiung Taiwan

My Cousin PG Chew and me both of us have not met for 22 years since she migrated to USA. Our younger days we had fun together when our grandfather was still around.

This time she came to Taiwan with her partner who was having a conference in Taipei so she took this opportunity to visit us in Southern part of Taiwan Kaohsiung. She had only 6 hours and we try our best to let her view the beauty of Kaohsiung and she enjoyed....... except for the June weather. LOL

07 June, 2018

Ah Heng Chicken Curry Bee Hoon 亚王咖喱鸡米粉面 Singapore Michelin Street Food Guide

This was the first time I tasted this street food Stall, I was really tasty and nothing like any curry noodles. It was simply the best. Ingredient was simply, curry deep fried tofu, chicken and noodles plus chili sauce.

They were feature in Michelin Food Guide. 

06 June, 2018

I am Hainanese 我是海南人 We are Suukee Nang

I am Hainanese, my grandmother is Peranakan (Hokkien and Malay mix). Both this culture has a deep root in food perfection. This is just a MTV I really enjoyed, the originator was Namewee 黃明志 - Suukee Nang (Neighbors).

BTW I am the 30 generation of Suukee Nang.

05 June, 2018

Taiwan Delicious Mountain Cuisine Baolai Koahsiung 高雄寶來美食

This is one of the most delicious food in the mountain Boalai which is located northern part of Kaohsiung. Around this area there are many hotspring, we fail to visit one due to my partner exhaustion from lack of sleep. 

If you are in this area do check out this stall. Hope you guys enjoy this video 

24 May, 2018

Stinky Tofu with Duck Blood Hot Pot Taiwan Street Food

This is one dish you should not miss while in Taiwan. This Mala Hot Pot is not like those in Sichan, China too spicy and hits your head real hard. 

The Stinky Tofu is soft on the inside and doesn't smell at all. The Duck Blood is simply amazing, better than those of Pig's Blood. It is very soft in texture and comes with a unique flavor .

Hope you guys enjoy. 

23 May, 2018

Taiwan Kaohsiung Sumatra Indonesian Sayur Lontong 蔬菜咖喱和米糕

I had many Lontong from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. This is by far the best since I had from my Singapore neighbor during Hari Raya Puasa; after Muslim Fasting month. 

Each region makes this dish differently. The ingredient are very complex, this is basically a curried turmeric coconut milk dish with other spices cooked with variety of vegetables and compress rice cake.  

This stall makes one of the best and the prices for other dishes are very reasonable.  

Located opposite Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Emergency, very easy to locate. 

19 May, 2018

Turmeric Fried Fish 薑黃煎魚

This is a very healthy fried fish, easy to prepare and cook. Normally this method of cooking can be found in South East Asia.